Alaric, played by Matt Davis, is the replacement history teacher at Mystic Falls High School after Mr. Tanner's death. He is much more easy-going than the previous teacher, and gives Jeremy Gilbert a clean slate. He tells the students that his namesake was a great-grandfather and they can just call him Ric, that his German ancestors arrived in the American Colonies in 1755 and he was born and raised in Boston. He tells Jeremy Gilbert that his ring is a family heirloom that originally belong to his father.

While studying history in college, he meets and falls in love with Isobel, a paranormal psychology student from Virginia. Two years before moving to Mystic Falls, Alaric and Isobel were living in North Carolina when he came home late when night and witness Damon Salvatore biting Isobel neck. Before he could react, Damon and Isobel both disappeared and nobody has seen Isobel since.The local police in North Carolina consider it a cold case. He tells Jenna Sommers that he is a widower and refers to his wife as dead.

After that night, he becomes devoted to studying vampires and studying their weaknesses. Alaric finally confronted and staked Logan Fell in the heart, killing him

He is dating Jenna Sommers.