Tyler, played by Michael Trevino, is handsome with dark, close-cropped brown hair and brown eyes. He is also cocky, self-assured, and a bully. He sees himself in the role of alpha male, and seems to have no qualms about forcing himself on women. He is Vicki Donovan's ex-boyfriend. He didn't treat her well, and he seems to feel bad about it, especially since he can never make it up to her now that she's dead. He has a rivalry with Jeremy Gilbert because of Vicki. He was friends with Matt Donovan, but it wasn't a close friendship and now Matt hates Tyler. He is the son of Richard Lockwood, a member of the the Founders Council.

At a party, he meets Matt's mother, Kelly Donovan, and they start talking and making out. When Matt sees, he's furious and Matt and Tyler get into a fist-fight. His father's also very angry and tells him he'll never disgrace his family again.

In the season finale, we see Tyler react to a sound that affected the vampires. When he is on the floor, a doctor shines a torch in his eye and it is a golden color. We have the idea that he is a werewolf.