Vicki, played by Kayla Ewell, was Matt's older sister and had a job waitressing at the Mystic Grill. She attracts the attention of both Jeremy Gilbert and Tyler Lockwood and she is an ocassional drug abuser. When Damon attacks her and her friends in the cemetery in the episode 'Lost Girls', she manages to cling to life and he brings her home with him, as he cannot go outside during daylight hours due to Stefan taking his ring. They get on really well, feeding off one another, and she confesses her woes to him and saying that she has low esteem issues he thinks death would be a solution and snaps her neck triggering her transformation into a vampire.

Later when Stefan is shot by Logan Fell, Damon savagely attacks him and she feeds on him, completing her transformation. In 'Haunted', she finds it difficult to adjust to her new life and the desire for human blood becomes too much when she bites Jeremy on the lip, causing it to bleed. Her vampiric instincts kick in an she attacks Elena, who tries to help Jeremy, and is staked by Stefan. Damon tells Elena that he will dispose of the body.

In 'Let the Right One In', Caroline heads out in the stormy weather to her father's boyfriend's daughter's birthday party but gets lost. While trying to get a signal on her cell phone she slips down the side of a hill near a waterfall and discovers the rotting hand of a corpse buried in the mud. The coroner determines that it's Vicki's body.